BLEACH Brave Souls v9.2.1 MOD [UPDATE]

Name: BLEACH Brave Souls Version: 9.2.1 Root: No

Mod: 1. MOD Menu 2. God Mode (Solo + Co-Op + EPIC RAID) 3. One Hit Kill (Solo + Co-Op + EPIC RAID) 4. No Skill Cooldown 5. Unlimited Skill-Soulbombs 6. Movespeed x4

NOTE: Don't enable cheats in tutorial. Movespeed don't works in story mode when you have autoplay enabled. Other then story mode it works on auto.

Mod is pretty safe against ban but to run nearly 100% safe use dummy account and push your real account in co-op or epic raid only.

Areas tested on this version: 1. Story Mode [working] 2. Co-Op Mode as leader [working] 3. PvP [speed & unlimited skills working with tricks] -PvP Trick: Start the fight with all cheats OFF, turn ON when battle starts & turn off when battle ends. 4. EPIC RAID as leader [working]

Install Steps: Download Install

Credits: Playstore Link: BLEACH Brave Souls - Apps on Google Play Download Mod Signed: MOD APK Download Mod Unsigned: MOD APK MirrorS MirrorU