• Join millions of players around the world as you build your village, form a tribe, and compete in epic tribal wars!

Barbaric warriors with huge mustaches, magicians throwing fire, and other unique forces await! Enter the world of Clash!

New features:

● Upgrade to the new City Hall level 13, and destroy your enemies with the Giant Fire Tower.

● A new character in the heroes: the royal heroine joins your army with its mighty spear and its destructive chase shield.

● Feel the greatness of the newest forces, Yeti, and the overwhelming Defense Force, Catapult.

Basic features:

● Join other players in a tribe or create your own tribe and invite your friends.

● Fight with your fellow Tribal Wars as a team against other players from around the world.

● Test your skills in Competitive Tribal Wars patrols and prove that you are the best.

● Collaborate with your tribe in tribal matches to win valuable magic items.

● Defend your village with a large arsenal of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls.

● The King of ogres fought in a campaign across the kingdom.

● Develop unique combat strategies that include countless combinations of talismans, troops, and heroes!

● Challenges, friendly wars, and special events.

● Train unique forces with multiple upgrade levels.

● Pull the backpacker to the base of the builder, and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world.

Designed by private groups

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All Moors consist of 999999999

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