Crunchyroll has officially launched Mass For The Dead, its latest anime game and another title to lump in with the small (but growing) collection of mobile games it has on offer.

Mass For The Dead is based on the popular 'Overlord' anime and follows the same dark fantasy themes. The game is a dark fantasy RPG, so players should expect plenty of character progression, skills, various classes and abilities and more, centered around the same grim and Gothic style as the show/manga.

Crunchyroll Games' Mass For The Dead is the first mobile title for the anime series

In a world of firsts, Mass For The Dead is a first on a couple of different fronts. It's the first Overlord-based game from Crunchyroll Games. Furthermore it's the first full mobile game based on the anime in general.

For fans of the show, this is definitely something to check out. It could very well sate the hunger for more Overlord content. It also poses the challenge of living up to expectations.

Being the first mobile game based on the franchise, if the game isn't a hit it could steer fans away. Leading to less interest in any future games that are based on the anime if they ever came up.

If it succeeds and does really well, players can probably expect a long life ahead of it. Complete with plenty of content updates. Over 100,000 players pre-registered to be a part of the game at launch. Which is good news for the game and its developers and publishers.

It's also a small number compared to the more than 2 million pre-registrations that were acquired by The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, a mobile RPG based on the Seven Deadly Sins anime.

Combat in the game is turned-based

RPG games today have a ton of different features, many being more modern than some in RPG games from over a decade or two ago. Real-time combat for example isn't something you would have seen in older RPGs or JRPGs found on the older consoles like the SNES.

Turn-based combat instead, is what many older RPG titles had to offer. It's also still very prevalent in today's RPG titles. Turn-based combat allows players to take more time with their decisions when it comes to what move to make next.

Mass For The Dead features turn-based combat so players shouldn't feel overwhelmed by their choices when it comes battling enemies throughout the game.

Mass For The Dead is free, and it offers in-game purchases. You can grab it from the Google Play button below, and Crunchyroll Games has put out a launch trailer for the game which you can view below as well.