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PUBG Hacks | Download Free Version Aimbot

I remind you that blocking due to  use cheats for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 2018. 99% dependent on the human factor, and 1% of software itself. Know  measure play with  mind with  PUBG Hack!



Game version: Last (Steam / Mail) Supports 2 versions (client don’t currently supported)

Status: Undetected | Working

Supported OS: only x64 only: win 7, win 8.1, win 10

Anticheat: Anti-cheat: BattleEye Bypass

Mode: Window only




Distance | Distance adjustment, display

Box | boxes

Team | only opponents

Visible | Visibility check. If opponent’s visible color changes to red

Skelet | skeleton

Health | health

Death | corpses

Air | airdrop

Content | Displaying contents airdrop

Grenade | Showing Abandoned Grenades

Loot | loot

Weapon | weapons (main only)

Ammo | cartridges (caliber 5.56 / 7.62)

Heal | medicine (bandages, first-aid kits, boosts)

Attach | modules (x2, x4, x8, silencers, extended stores)

Cloth | rags 2-3 levels

Vehicle | transport



There are 2 types readers for purpose Playerunknown’s battlegrounds – this cheat purpose PUBG, free (available, which can be downloaded, activated free charge). However, there a significant difference among them, let’s analyze in more detail.

What is that ? “Hacks”

As previously known name, in main can be purchased or downloaded from secret areas subject websites. Thus, after all, they are more generally attached to 1 pc in order to be impossible to provide another investor.

Advantages: Technical assistance – will get advice from the creators, according to the launch and resolution one or other difficulties, in case have them

Cheats Automatic development – presence any cheat starts to control presence newest version in order to minimize ability to purchase a ban Improved list features – cheats can be added to original functions that are not available in public, for example.

speedhack, remove spreading, etc. Protection from ban – a certain creator private cheats for purpose playerunknown’s battlegrounds provide a guarantee Disadvantages: Price.

READINGS PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hacks

They can be found in subject web sites, download playerunknown’s battlegrounds cheat free charge. However, whoever don’t provide the guarantee that they will function or will not get a lock. Advantages: PUBG AIMBOT Free – it possible to download gratuitously.Not pay at all because this money – it is permissible to become a number functions, for example: ESP, BX. Disadvantages: Technical assistance, who exactly can not help to find a solution to issue on what reason does not work or does not rush hack.

Upgrade – at moment command often changes dependency packages this complicates release updates, since all the forces are thrown to support functionality.

– least number functions, as a rule given 1-2 pieces Ban the letter who don’t give a commitment, then you will not get a ban

The most common ones that can meet purpose are: ESP – improved in, separation investors in different colors (azure, reddish yellowish) Wallhack – likelihood seeing investors due to objects (buildings, ants, etc.)

Speedhack cheats – stimulates your pace movement in game Aim.

– automatically catches your gun in competitor, able to fire an automatic volley


created by Russian developer Crazy Coders hack, if have bad Internet (packet loss), high ping (because this lag) or an inexpensive computer, then our private! Limited will solve these problems + 100% get a real pleasure from game. Private Chits PUBG will help your friends.

take first place in rankings, can also stream and don’t be afraid to burn (Stream function).

An explosive version will force opponents to bow their heads before your superiority

(Has a raid 100% bending any foreign)

H will make a leader, turning from a rotten dreamer into a skater. You can completely control the game in course of survival